Message from Director

Dear international students:

      Welcome to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and to studying Mandarin at the Chinese Language Center. The center was established in 2005 featuring its professional service, even though it is small and young. We offer not only Chinese language and culture courses for international students but also Chinese language teacher training courses for students from Taiwan. Rich and diverse, our curriculum will lead you to a great learning experience of Chinese language. Our teaching staff have a passion for learning, teaching, and service. I believe that all the international students studying here can feel our enthusiasm and hospitality.


       It has been one of our goals to develop international education. With a lot of effort, STUST has been devoted to creating a great learning environment for students, where the Chinese Language Center has played a very important role. Here, you can get the assistance you need; here, you can communicate with students from Taiwan; and here, you can enjoy the fun of learning Chinese. If you have any problem in your study or life here, we sincerely welcome you to our center to share with us and find the solution.


       I hereby would like to encourage you to learn diligently and make progress every day in STUST. You are also welcome to give us comments and suggestions any time. Your comments and suggestions will certainly be the driving force of our progress. Moreover, I hope that there will be more people who love Chinese coming from Taiwan and all over the world to join us, working together with us to cultivate this small but beautiful garden of learning. Let us grow together and become stronger. Finally, I sincerely wish you a great life in STUST, pleasant and fruitful!

Yong-Peng Wang
Director of Chinese Language Center