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Tuition and Application Deadlines

 Course Type

 Period of Study

Total Hours per Term 

Class Size per Class 


Application Deadline 


STUST Scholarship Recipients

Current students

 General Course


270 hrs
(18 weeks)
(9 weeks)

5-15 people 





 General Course


270 hrs
(18 weeks)
(9 weeks)

5-15 people 




1/31(9 weeks. 18 weeks)
3/31(9 weeks) 

 Intensive Summer Course


120 hrs 

5-15 people 

21,000 TWD 


Intensive Winter


30 hrs 

5-15 people 

5,250 TWD 


  1. 1.       Freshmen who pay the tuition fee for 270 hours can have favorable rate (39,888 TWD).
  2. 2.       If you want to have 9-week Chinese course (135 hours), please contact Chinese Language Center (dept_chilance@stust.edu.tw) for related regulations and tuition fee.

As October of 2015, the exchange rate was 1 USD to 32 TWD. Things to Note:
  •  Tuition and fees do not include the cost of textbooks or other teaching materials
  •  Tuition and fees are non-refundable once classes begin.
  •  Except for individual tutorial classes, no classes with less than 5 people will be offered.
  •  International students who arrive with a student visa are required to study at least 15 credit hours on campus.

Due to the regulation of National Immigration Agency, students who do not leave Taiwan during winter vacation are required to take a 2-week course (30 hrs.). For those who do not leave Taiwan during summer vacation, they are required to take a 8-week course (120 hrs).  For the tuition fee of these two intensive courses, please contact Chinese Language Center.

How to apply

Please prepare the following documents if you apply for admission overseas:

1.   An application form (click to download)

The more accurate and complete the application form, the sooner we will be able to process your application.

2.   Your formal diploma and transcript:

      ( 1 ) a formal diploma.

      ( 2 ) an official transcript 

  The two documents must be formal and official, with the official seal or stamp of your school on them. Both documents must be translated into either English or Chinese. Any student who is not yet graduated must send a copy of his/her transcript to the Chinese Language Center STUST; otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

 3.  Health Checklist( Click to download) 

       The checklist must show items including tuberculosis, measles, and rubella. Applications will not be accepted if any item is marked to show positive reaction.  

 4.  Official proof of financial resources ( for example: bank savings books, etc.)

International students who plan to study in Taiwan must show an official financial document (with at least 2,000 U.S. dollars) to certify that they can make payment of tuition, health insurance, accommodation, and living expenses during the period they stay in Taiwan. 

Contact Information

Jie-Yu, Liao (Tina Liao)

E-mail: dept_chilance@stust.edu.tw

Tel in Taiwan: 06-2533131 ext. 6010


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