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Mandarin learning online courses

How to register synchronous Mandarin learning online courses?

First step

Please fill in the application form.(https://forms.gle/yk5EGTFGU8vZTRk27) 

Tuition fees 
(1-on-1 class)
 Tuition fees
(1-on-2 class)
 Tuition fees
(1-on-3 class)
(1-on-4 class)
Find 3-4 partners together to apply the class.
Each student in the same class
should have similar Chinese proficiency.
 Every 50 minutes
(1 period) costs 700 NT dollars
 Every 50 minutes
(1 period) costs 400 NT dollars
 Every 50 minutes
(1 period) costs 270 NT dollars
36-period courses (25,200 NTD)
54-period courses (37,800 NTD)
72-period courses (50,400 NTD)
Per Person
36-period courses  (14,400 NTD)
54-period courses  (21,600 NTD
72-period courses  (28,800 NTD
90-period courses  (36,000 NTD
108-period courses (43,200 NTD)

Per Person
36-period courses  (  9,720 NTD)
54-period courses  (14,580 NTD)
72-period courses  (19,440 NTD)
90-period courses  (24,300 NTD)
108-period courses (29,160 NTD) 

At least, you have to register 4-period (200 minutes) per week for 9 weeks.
2.  You can choose to register more courses according to your need.
3. The tuition fees only can be paid by the credit card.
4. The banking charges of wire transfer will be on the applicant’s credit card. 

The first study term (9 weeks)
From September 13, 2021 to November
 12, 2021
Registration deadline: August 20, 2021
The second study term (9 weeks)
From November 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022
Registration deadline: October 22, 2021
The third study term (9 weeks)
From February 14, 2022 to April
 15, 2022
Registration deadline: January 16, 2022
The fourth study term (9 weeks)
April 17, 2022 to June 17, 2022
Registration deadline: 
March 27, 2022
Summer vacation period (9 weeks)
From July
 05, 2021 to September 03, 2021
Registration deadline: June
 13, 2021  

Second step

The demo teaching video will be showed to you after receiving your application form.

 Third step

Before you purchase the courses, the rules about making up the class or other notices will be sent to you. If you agree, you can pay the tuition fees by the credit card. After that, you have completed your registration. Once you have paid the tuition fees, you can’t get refund.

Preparation for the class

(1) Your teacher will test your language level online. She also contacts with you to discuss about your needs, class time and teaching content directly. The course is customized.

(2) There are some instructions about how to use your platform will be offered to you and your teacher will also teach you how to use the platform.

(3) It is recommended that you have a device with a camera and microphone. Devices may include mobile devices, laptops with integrated cameras, or desktop computers with associated webcams and microphones. Recommended download speed should be above 10 Mbps, and upload speed should be above 2Mbps.


Course completion certificate

After you finish our online courses and pass the test, a certificate issued by our Chinese language center will be mailed to you.

If you are interested in our online courses or if you have other questions, feel free to contact Angie by the e-mail dept_chilance@stust.edu.tw