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◇ Teachers who are friendly and caring.
◇ Small classes
◇ Recognized by the Ministry of Education
◇ A great variety of cultural activities
◇ Free after-school tutoring
◇ Opportunities to contact with friendly students in Taiwan
Course content
◇ Chinese communication sessions
◇ Learning Chinese characters and Chinese pronunciation (pinyin system)
◇ Chinese reading and writing training
◇ Experience with the traditional culture of Taiwan
◇ To pass the TOFCL exam
◇ Practice of daily life language
◇ NT$ 19,200 for summer program
◇ NT$ 23,625 for a term which lasts for 9 weeks.
◇ A health insurance card given to students registered for a full semester
◇ Costs of textbooks, lodging, and meals not included in tuition fees listed above

Teaching methods
◇ Full-day intensive programs for education and learning
◇ Application of multimedia videos, cartoons, and songs to teaching and learning in class
◇ 15 hours a week
◇ Small classes of 5-8 people
◇ Curriculum standards given in accordance with the Chinese proficiency of each individual
Descriptions of Chinese language course
   Course Name                                           hours / week
Chinese Reading and Writing
Mandarin Conversation
Mandarin Listening and speaking drill
Taiwanese Culture
Chinese Character writing
Chinese pronunciation

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