2018 Explore Tainan’s Historical Sites and Experience the Gourmet Food Summer Study Program

2018 Explore Tainan'
s Historical Sites and

Experience the Gourmet Food

Summer Study Program

August 13 – August 27

       I.Explore Tainan

Tainan is the oldest city and is often called the birthplace of Taiwan. It's an ancient city with a long history from the Dutch colonial era to the ruling period of Koxinga, the Qing Dynasty and the occupancy of the Japanese. Back then, many foreign trading posts from other nations existed almost everywhere and now are important heritage sites providing Tainan with the very precious substance of its culture.When it comes to visiting Tainan, you'd better not miss the diverse gourmet foods, and all for fairly cheap prices. Tainan's cuisine such as Rice Pudding, Danzai Noodles and Soy Sauce Braised Foods which are all made of simple ingredients have been acclaimed by the globally-famous guidebook, Michelin Green Guide as a“Must-Try”and are diversely delicious.


      II.Chinese Language Center 

  Since being established in 2005, the STUST's Chinese Language Center (CLC) has been strongly committed to providing the best Chinese language education for all international students. We cordially invite you to become a part of the CLC. and make your dream of learning Mandarin come true. 

      III.   Program Dates


Arrive in Taiwan




Dorm Check-out / Departure


The courses are divided into two categories─Mandarin Classes and Field Trips. Through diversified teaching methods, students get to learn Mandarin, experience the culture and taste the local foods of Tainan. Depending on the diversified contents of the program, the courses are classified by topics. The primary components of the course are the exploration of night market cultures, arts and humanities, ecosystem, culture of heritage sites, and delicacies. This is a 2-week 60-hour program starting from August 13th and ending on August 27th .


Program Fee


Application Period

USD $1,200

Age of 18 or above

April 1st  - May 31st

Ÿ     The program will be canceled due to the number of applicants not reaching 20.

Ÿ   The application fee is non-refundable.

Ÿ   The program fee includes tuition, lectures materials, accommodation, cultural events, and filed trips. 

VI.How to Apply

Please click on the application form  to download and fill out the application form, and email (dept_chilance@stust.edu.tw) to Chinese Language Center of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The deadline of registration will be May 31st, 2018. After deadline, we’ll inform the applicants of the payment transaction. On June 8st, 2018, the applicants will receive the letter to confirm if the program will be terminated or took place. In addition, the method and date of remittance will be notified by email later. 

Contact Us

Point of Contact: Ms. Sz-Ting, Wang(Crystal Wang)

Tel: +886-6-2533131 ext.6010

E-mail: dept_chilance@stust.edu.tw

Website: http://clc.stust.edu.tw/en