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The center was originally called "Chinese Center" when it was established in July, 2005 and began to offer a Chinese Language curriculum to international students. After the visit of the Ministry of Education on December 6, 2006, a resolution was passed by the Administrative Meeting on December 8 that the center should be upgraded to a school- level unit and renamed as "Chinese Language Center.” In mid-December, the center was officially listed as of one of the 26 Chinese language centers, allowed by the MOE to recruit international students.

In addition to Chinese language courses, the center offers a variety of activities to help international students experience different cultures in Taiwan and around the world, such as the International Art Festival, Lunar New Year events, homestay, etc.

Chinese Mandarin courses are opened on a regular basis for training and drills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, business Chinese, and Chinese for tourism, allowing students not only to study Chinese language but also to expand their worldviews.

The center was also authorized to set up "Chinese teacher training courses" to foster language teachers to create an international market for Mandarin Chinese.