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夜市:Night Market

Night markets in Tainan are synonymous with local culture. Whether it is for shopping, dining, or having fun, you can find everything you need. Night markets are the ideal place to shop for fashion or funky stuff, featuring many creative stalls selling handmade crafts or other creatively designed merchandise, such as leather goods, handmade soap, caps, rings and necklaces, and many others great finds. Moreover, some night markets have the entertainment sections that make night market even more like a recreational park, with various kinds of games on offer, such as the ring toss, BB gun shooting, goldfish scooping, baseball pitching, toy auctions, mini pinball, darts, and Mahjongg Bingo. One brisk walk around the Garden Night Market takes at least one to two hours at the least.

There are several famous night markets in Tainan, including Garden Night Market, Dadong Night Market, Siaobei Night Market, Wusheng Night Market, etc. From Monday to Sunday, there are many night markets available for everyone to visit.

 花園夜市 : Huayuan Night Market

Location: Sec. 3, Hai-an Rd., North District, Tainan City

Open: Garden night market opens only three days a week - on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

A TVBS Poll regarding the most popular night markets found that Huayuan Night Market is the most popular market. Though the night market has the word garden in its name, this night market does not sell any flowers. The whole market is more like a recreation zone or a shopping mall, offering all kind of merchandise and entertainment. With over 10,000 square meters of shopping area and anywhere from 300 to 500 vendors on a given night, the outdoor Garden night market in Tainan City is the biggest night market of its kind in Taiwan.

台南武聖夜市 : Wusheng Night Market

Location: No. 42, Lane 69, Wusheng Rd., West Central District, Tainan City

Open: Wednesday and Saturday

Tainan specialty foods, general goods, and entertainment come together to make Wusheng Night Market one of the Tainan's premier destinations for late night fun.

大東夜市 : Dadong Night Market

Location: Linsen road, sec. 2

Opening: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Dadong night market is the second most famous Night Markets in Tainan city.

In this Night Market, you can enjoy with the wonderful Taiwanese snacks: roasted corns, squids or even chicken buttocks, including fresh papaya milk.

小北夜市: Xiao Bei Night Market 

Location: From the cross-section of Ximen Rd to Lin-an Road

Open Tuesday and Friday

If you have a chance visit Xiao Bei night market, the recommend desert is Ice glace, which has a lot of flavors; e.g. strawberry, chocolate, lemonade, black tea, etc. Even though this night market is smaller than Huayuan Night Market, you can still find everything you want: the traditional Taiwanese food, fashionable clothes and entertainment zones.