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teachers who are friendly and caring.
Small classes
Recognized by the Ministry of Education
A great variety of cultural activities
free after-school tutoring
Opportunities to contact with friendly students in Taiwan
Course content
Chinese communication sessions
Learning Chinese characters and Chinese pronunciation (pinyin system)
Chinese reading and writing training
Experience with the traditional culture of Taiwan
To pass the TOFCL exam
Practice of everyday-life language
 NT$ 19,200 for summer program
 NT$ 23,625 for a term which lasts for 9 weeks.
 A health insurance card given to students registered for a full semester
 Costs of textbooks, lodging, and meals not included in tuition fees listed above
Teaching methods
Full-day intensive programs for education and learning
Application of multimedia videos, cartoons, and songs to teaching and learning in class
15 hours a week
Small classes of 5-8 people
Curriculum standards given in accordance with the Chinese proficiency of each individual
Descriptions of Chinese language course
Course Name                                    hours / week
Chinese Reading and Writing
Mandarin Conversation
Mandarin Listening and speaking drill
Taiwanese Culture
Chinese Character writing
Chinese pronunciation