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漢字東西軍-漢字書寫比賽 Traditional Chinese Character Competition

公告類型: 行政公告
點閱次數: 1744

To promote the beauty of Chinese characters, enhance the use of Chinese characters, acquaint people with the development of Chinese characters, and motivate foreigners in learning Chinese Characters, the language center of National Chiayi University organized the Traditional Chinese Character Competition.

1.時間: 2018年6月2日星期六
Date: June 2nd, 2018

2.地點: 國立嘉義大學(新民校區)B棟4樓國際會議廳
Place: 4th Floor, Internal Conference Hall, Building B (Xinmin Campus) National Chiayi University ( No. 580Xinmin Rd., Chiayi City 60054, Taiwan R.O.C.)

- 非中華民國國籍且居住在台灣之外籍人士
- 具中華民國國籍之臺灣國小二年級學生(2010年9月1日以前生)
- Foreigners who live in Taiwan and are not citizens of Taiwan, R.O.C.
- Elementary school second-graders born in Taiwan before September 1st, 2018

4.報名時間: 4/16-5/18 (2018)
Registration: Online registration is open until May 18th, 2018

For more information, please read the attached competition guide and competition poster below.

發布日期: 2018/04/19 至 2018/06/10
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