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Registration for Formal TOCFL on MAY 5th & 6th is Now Been Postponed from APR 11th to APR 16th) !

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The TOCFL formal test (Listening & Reading) will be administered on May 5th, 2018 (Sat), and the TOCFL Speaking and TOCFL Writing formal tests will be administered on May 6th (Sun.).

The registration period is from Mar 26th (Mon.) to Apr 16th (Mon.). The test seats are limited, welcome candidates who are non-native speakers of Chinese to seize the chance!

1.Test Date:
5/5(Sat)-listening and Reading

2. Test Fee:
Listening and reading test: 1,600 NTD
Speaking test: 1,400 NTD
Listening test: 1,400 NTD
*Students who study in Chinese Language Center can receive a 10% discount.

3. Register online: :https://reg.sc-top.org.tw/

4. Download mock test: http://www.sc-top.org.tw/mocktest.php
發布日期: 2018/04/12 至 2018/04/30
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